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Jazzy Select 14 Power Chair
The Jazzy Select 14 provides the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor performance.  Its 14” drive wheels provide maximum traction and stability for outdoor operation; and it has a turning radius of only 21” so you’ll have no problem navigating indoors.  Plus, the Jazzy Select 14 comes standard with NF22 batteries and an upgraded controller to provide a 30% greater battery range.  This powerchair also comes with a limited suspension and seat upgrade options to provide you with the most comfortable ride possible. For those who require a little extra support, the Jazzy Select 14 also offers the XL package with a weight capacity of 350lbs, and seating options as large as 22” x 20”. 
Power Chair Scooter HCPCS Code: K0022BP up to 350 lbs
Power Chair Scooter HCPCS Code: K0023BP up to 450 lbs 

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Pride Legend 4 Wheel Scooters
It’s loaded! Rear suspension, full lighting package, a reclining/sliding high-back seat with removable headrest, front basket, rearview mirror and infinitely adjustable tiller. The Legend has a very smooth, quiet indoor ride, as well as great outdoor power, range and stability. We especially like the dual-bulb front headlight for better pathway illumination. The elegant Champagne color scheme is standard.
4-Wheel Scooter HCPCS Code: K0800 up to 250 lbs

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4-Wheel Celebrity X Electric Scooter

Luxurious, stylish and loaded with features like an adjustable seat and special tiller-and it disassembles for travel, too!This is a gorgeous, big, comfy scooter that doesn't break the bank. It's our fastest scooter with the longest range per battery charge and it can be upgraded to a range of up to 25 miles. It travels well, with pieces that latch easily together (heaviest is 56 lbs. on 3-wheel model and 66 lbs.
4-Wheel Scooter HCPCS Code: K0800 up to 250 lbs

Click Here: Celebrity X Red 4 - Wheel Brochure


Pride Legend 4 Wheel Scooters
The Exciting new Celebrity X - 3-wheel scooter is a feature rich scooter designed specifically by Pride based on consumer feedback. The Celebrity X has many great features, including an auto-latching lock-up for quick disassembly/reassembly. The Delta tiller is a standard feature, which offers ease of use for those is challenged with dexterity. The deluxe seat offers swivel, sliding and height adjustment. The flip-up, padded armrests are width adjustable. This unit has a 350 lb weight capacity, top speed of 6 M.P.H., and 3.5" of ground clearance. The Celebrity X is a perfect blend of style and technology. The many standard features and affordable pricing make this scooter a great value.
HCPCS Code: K0806 POV Group 2 up to 300 lbs
HCPCS Code: K0807 POV Group 2 up to 350 lbs
HCPCS Code: K0800 Scooter Mini Coupe

Click Here: Celebrity X Blue 3- Wheel Brochure


The FreeLander Deluxe Manual Wheelchair

The FreeLander Deluxe Manual Wheelchair from Keen Mobility is one of the lightest folding manual wheelchairs on the market. At just 28 lbs. it's light enough to go anywhere with you yet durable and comfortable enough to keep you in it for years. The FreeLander adjustability makes it highly customizable, featuring adjustable height caster forks, adjustable seat-to-floor height, adjustable anti-tippers, adjustable armrests, adustable back height and more


This Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed 
This Full Electric Bariatric hospital bed has heavy duty frame that ensures strength and patient safety. It provides larger sleep surface than conventional beds with capacity of up to 600 lbs.
  •    The full electric Bariatric bed (package) provides quiet, smooth operation.
  •    Emergency manual crank included.
  •     Hand control (included) provides for multiple bed positioning for patients.
  •     No tools necessary for set-up.
  •     Split pan design with removable bed ends is easy to set-up.
  •     All steel construction.
HCPCS Code: E0250RR Semi-Electrical Bed 1/2 Length Rail, with Foam Mattress
HCPCS Code: E0266RR Full Electrical Bed with Foam Mattress
HCPCS Code: E0303RR Bariatric Full Electric Bed 42" with Foam Mattress (400 lbs and over)

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BioStim M7 TENS Device
BioMedical Life Systems Inc., Digital, BioStim M7 TENS Device has seven programmable functions; Continuous, Width Modulation, Rate Modulation, Rate and Width Modulation, SD1, SD2 and Cycled Burst. The device has a Patient Lock System that, when activated prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters. When the Patient Lock Systems is turned off, a Patient Compliance Meter is displayed showing how long the device was used. A timer allows the patient to use the device for a specified period of time. The two-channel device incorporates touch proof design and is run by two AA Batteries.
TENS HCPCS Code: E0720

Click Here! TENS Device Brochure

Uplift Technologies UPE-P100  UPEASY Power Uplift Seat Assists
UPEASY Power Uplift Seat Assists
The new UPEASY Power Uplift Seat Assist can easily transform any armchair (or stable seating surface) into a lift chair. It provides 100% lift for users weighing up to 300 lb (136 kg), and can safely be used in recliners. UPEASY Power Uplift Seat Assist also has the added benefit of being portable. Weighing only 12 lb (5.4 kg), this power cushion has a built-in carry handle, which makes it easy to take from place to place.


9001D Nasal CPAP System

CPAP System offers high quality and reliability. The touch and LCD display make the unit convenient and easy to use for both patients and therapists. Operating pressure range 3 - 20 cm H2o. 0-, 10-, 20-, 30-, and 45-minute pressure delay options.


America Bantex Low Air Loss Pressure Mattres 8"
  • Product of America Bantex.
  • Waterproof top with Nylon and PU material for easy cleaning and ventilation.
  • Removable non-shearing quilted waterproof top cover encapsulates the entire mattress.
  • CPR valve for quick emergency air release.
  • Safety alert light for low pressure and air loss.
  • Quick release connector, adjustable weight adjusting knob.
  • Replacement air cells available, easy to install.
  • Illuminated on/off switch (same as 910).
  • Pressure range: 30mmHg - 50mmHg with low pressure light.
  • 20 Nylon and TPU air cells for pressure relaxing.
  • Nylon PU top cover.
  • Massages the epidermis while continuously changing contact points with the skin's surface every four or five minutes.
  • Ultra low pressure help blood flow, tissue oxygenation, nutrient, and waste exchange.
  • 8" air cell depth with inflated dimension: 80" x 36" x 8".
  • Diabetic lower leg Ulcer


Uplift Commode Assist & Lift Out Commode

Uplift Commode Assist is a self powered, lifting commode chair that helps users gently seat and raise themselves. It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 80% of a user's weight. Versatile and sturdy, the Commode Assist can be used stand-alone or over the toilet. for safety, it automatically locks into position when fully depressed. The folder commode model allows for easy storage or transport. It helps keep people active and independent, relieves stress and strain on joints, lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength.

People who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted. Also, those who have lost mobility as a result of muscular dystrophy, Lou Gerhigs disease, Post-operative conditions, degenerative joint disease, arthritis or Parkinson's can benefit.


Aqua Relief System Hot Water Therapy Device
Diabetes often leads to peripheral vascular disease that inhibits a person's blood circulation. With this condition, there is a narrowing of the arteries that frequently leads to significantly decreased circulation in the lower part of the legs and the feet. Poor circulation contributes to diabetic foot problems by reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrition supplied to the skin and other tissue, causing injuries to heal poorly. Poor circulation can also lead to swelling and dryness of the foot. Preventing foot complications is more critical for the diabetic patient because poor circulation impairs the healing process and can lead to ulcers, infection, and other serious foot conditions.


The DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Nebulizer Compressor System
The DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Nebulizer Compressor System offers a way for active patients to get more out of their aerosol therapy, and more out of life! The Traveler Portable Nebulizer is the perfect travel companion, making it easier and more convenient than ever to nebulize when you're away from home. The Traveler improves cost efficiency by reducing medication waste and increasing compliance. The DeVilbiss Portable Compressor Nebulizer System comes complete with the Traveler compressor unit, a DeVilbiss 800 series reusable nebulizer, a West Med Vix One disposable nebulizer, a rechargeable battery, 5 extra filters and a filter door, a tubing adapter, an AC adapter for use at home, a DC adapter for use in a car, adult and pediatric masks (both), a convenient carrying case, plus an instruction guide and instructional DVD.


Nova - Mighty Mack 4216 (Wheeled-Walkers)
The Mighty Mack is the most heavy duty rolling walker that is functional for the user. The Mighty Mack supports up to a 600 lb. weight capacity, but still fits through doorways and into cars to give the user indoor and outdoor independence. The Mighty Mack has the signature extra wide (20") oversized padded seat. Heavy-duty bearings and 8" solid wheels provide added security and support.


Thermoskin® Hinged Knee Range of Motion
Thermal Support for Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation of the Knee
This brace offers exceptional support/stability from knee surgery through post-operative rehabilitation. The ROM hinge in this Thermoskin knee brace provides precise Range of Motion adjustments 15 degree maintain selective ranges of flexion and extension while the brace provide compression and support to the knee.


Lumbosacral Back Braces
Lumbosacral Back BracesTraditional chairback orthosis with rigid anterior panel and soft foam lined rigid posterior frame. 2” double-sided Velcro closure straps. Straps are adjustable at both ends.14 ” back height. 9” front with a 7” pre-molded anterior insert.
Utilized to provide support to the lumbar and sacral aspect of the spine. These braces provide added support for patients who suffer from lumbosacral pain due to muscle sprains, disc herniations, facet joint arthritis, spinal arthritis, and post back injury & fracture. Some braces also provide compression and warmth to the lower back and upper pelvic areas utilizing various fabrics.



Swede-O Arch Lok  L1906

  The Ankle Lok has been proven effective in numerous independent clinical studies. It has been utilized by athletes and patients for over 10 years to help prevent ankle injuries.


Thermoskin® ROM Hinged Elbow
Thermal Support for Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation of the Elbow
  • ROM Hinged Elbow features medial and lateral Range of Motion (ROM) hinges to provide stability.
  • Hinges may be adjusted to limit extension at 0º, 15º, 30º or 45ºsettings.
  • ROM hinges help control extension and rotation, and provide exceptional support through postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Criss-crossing "X" hook and loop straps provide additional protection from hyperextension.
  • Available in black.


Thermoskin Rigid Lumbar Support L0627

The Thermoskin APD Rigid Lumbar support effectively reduces pain by restricting motion while stabilizing the spine. The rigid anterior and posterior panels provide critical support and compression for the back and abdomen.


Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer (Foot) L1902


All the benefits of the Thermal Foot Gauntlet, plus added support for weak or injured ankles

Ideal for Diabetes, Arthritis, Raynaud's Disease & other ailments. Thermoskin's heat therapy increases circulation to help relieve pain.  The AFG Stabilizer also helps relieve the sensation of "burning feet" from diabetic neuropathy. The AFG Stabilizer includes two removable side stabilizer inserts.  These anatomically shaped stabilizers may be used when extra support of the ankle is needed.  The combination of these semi-rigid stabilizers and the


Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove Brace L3908


The Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove combines heat therapy and light compression for arthritis or aching hands, with protection against carpal tunnel syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel Glove is anatomically shaped to allow full use of fingers. The outer layer of fabric is textured to provide additional grip to aid in daily living activities.


The Carpal Tunnel Glove has a metal splint positioned at 25 degrees which helps prevent wrist movements that can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A fully adjustable locking strap wraps around the wrist for a better fit and to keep the glove in proper position. In a recent study Thermoskin Thermal Supports provided “Considerable Relief” or “Total Relief” of pain in 83% of patient.


Swede-O Adjustable Night Splint L4396

Provides relief during the night from the pain and discomfort of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis Designed to be worn during sleep or rest to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and Achilles' Tendonitis.


Osbon ErecAid Erectile Dysfunction System Estee
The Erectile Dysfunction is a treatment recommended by doctors for those suffering from impotence. The ErecAid Esteem External Vacuum Therapy System is battery powered and restores sexual function in 9 out of 10 impotent men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Non-invasive and low cost vacuum therapy, coupled with its "relatively high probability of desirable outcome", makes it the ideal therapy for treating erectile dysfunction. The ErecAid Erectile Dysfunction External Vacuum Therapy System causes penile rigidity that can be maintained for up to thirty minutes.

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